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Enter December 1st Through March 31st

  • Anyone Can Enter (Except Guides)
  • Only Bright Hatchery Fin Clipped Steelhead May Be Entered
  • Fish Must be Gutted (Gills Optional)
  • 1st Place Prizes Awarded For:

        Biggest Fish of the Week (By Weight)

           Biggest Fish of the Month (By Weight)

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes Awarded for:

         Biggest Fish of the Derby (By weight)

Entries from all 3 stores will be combined for Biggest Fish Prizes

Prizes Courtesy of Maxima Fishing Line, Korkers, G.Loomis/Shimano and Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor

For more details and information on our Kids Steelhead Derby click here