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We're very proud of the quality of guides on our Pro-Staff. Collectively, they represent more knowledge in regards to our sport fisheries than any other group ever assembled.

Members of our Pro-Staff serve a client base that's consistent with their individual personality, style and expectations. If you're interested in booking a trip, consider ahead of time what makes a great day for you: how you like to fish, how long you like to be on the water, language you're comfortable with, if smoking is acceptable or not (for both yourself and the guide), and what's included in the cost of the trip.

We encourage open communication when booking trips. By covering all the bases in advance, neither you nor the guide involved should be subject to uncomfortable surprises. Whether you're a hard-core expert angler wanting to fish dawn-to-dark, or a beginner looking for quality on-the-water instruction, there's multiple members of our Pro-Staff who can serve you professionally.

Our Pro-Staff has proven their quality to us time and time again. Our relationship is simple: they develop the most successful approaches to fisheries throughout the state, and we make sure the gear involved is available to them and our customers within our stores.

  • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

    Jack Smith

    All Seasons Guide Service

    Specializing in salmon, steelhead and sturgeon, Jack Smith has more than 25 years of experience guiding. Fisheries: North Coast Salmon and Steelhead. Deschutes Summer Steelhead. Columbia River Sturgeon.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Bob Kratzer

      Angler's Guide Service/ Alaska Kingfishers

      Lifelong Washington resident with more than 20 years of experience. Fisheries: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead and Salmon. Cowlitz and Lewis River Salmon and Steelhead. Nushagak River (Alaska) Salmon.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Bob Toman

      Bob Toman Guide Service

      Throughout his 40+ years as a guide, Bob Toman has been responsible for the development of many of the techniques we consider commonplace today. Fisheries: Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook. Deschutes River Summer Steelhead. Clackamas River Steelhead and Salmon. Nushagak River (Alaska) salmon.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Brian Campbell

      Campbells Guide Service

      An energetic professional, Brian incorporates the latest innovations in his techniques. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette River Salmon and Sturgeon. Clackamas River Steelhead and Salmon. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead. McKenzie River Steelhead and Salmon.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor 

      Chris Nordling

      Chris Nordling Fishing Guide Service

      As a full time professional since 2002, Chris has built a reputation as a guide who is willing to share his knowledge and help instruct anglers in their techniques so that they can be successful on their own. His easy going and friendly personality only add to his presentation skills as a speaker,making his clinics at our locations some of the most popular of the year. Fisheries include: Clackamas,Sandy,Willamette,Columbia and coastal rivers and bay fishing for Salmon,Steelhead and Sturgeon.Many of these fisheries employ a "hands on" approach.


      Chris Vertopoulos

      Chris Vertopoulos Guide Service

      With more than 20 years experience, Chris is a Pro-Staff member of G. Loomis Rods, Shimano Reels and Owner Hooks.

    •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Dave Maroon

      Dave Maroon's Fishing Adventures

      Dave brings a degree in Fisheries to his experience as a guide. Fisheries: Columbia Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon from Portland to the John Day dam. Willamette River Sturgeon and Salmon. Sandy River Steelhead and Salmon.

    •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Dave McCann

      Dave McCann Guide Service

      With more than 20 years of experience Dave McCann is one of few Pro-Staffers that tap our exceptional trout fisheries in addition to Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon. Fisheries: Deschutes River Steelhead and Trout. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead. Columbia River Salmon and Sturgeon.

    •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      David Johnson

      David Johnson's Guided Sport Fishing

      A favorite contact for outdoor writers and himself an author, David's been guiding for more than 15 years. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette River Salmon and Sturgeon. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead. Clackamas River Salmon and Steelhead.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Rick Sabol

      Deschutes Steelheader Company

      Expert steelhead guide Rick Sabol carries a BLM permit for the Deschutes and also runs trips on Oregon's central coast rivers (Siletz) over the winter months. Rick's well-versed in all forms of steelhead fishing including spey fishing. In May and June, Rick can be found running trips for storied native "redsides trout" on the lower 14 miles of the Deschutes River and from July through October his pursuits turn to steelhead on this renowned river.

    • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

      Pete Field

      Deschutes River Guides

      Another of our Pro-Staff with a cherished Deschutes River permit, Pete's focus is on the Deschutes and Coastal Steelhead. Fisheries: Deschutes River Summer Steelhead. Siletz and North Coast Winter Steelhead.


      Travis Moncrief

      Fins, Feathers & Furs Ltd.

      A full time professional in Oregon during the fall, winter and spring, Travis migrates north to Alaska where he operates a Nushagak River outfitting business in the summer. Fisheries: Tillamook and North Coast Salmon and Steelhead. Siletz River Steelhead. Columbia River Salmon and Sturgeon. Nushagak River (Alaska) Salmon.


      John Krauthoefer

      Firefighters Guide Service

      John is a consummate professional with more than 30 years of experience on Oregon's waterways. Fisheries: Columbia River Salmon. Tillamook, Nehalem Bay and Ocean Salmon. North Coast Steelhead with a focus on the North Fork Nehalem River by raft.


      Harry Bresnahan

      Harry's Guide Service

      Harry started fishing at very young age with his father in eastern Oregon. He takes pride in using top of the line fishing gear and works hard to make your fishing trip successful. He fishes the Columbia from Buoy 10 up to Rufus as well as the Willamette, Tillamook Bay, Lewis and Cowlitz.


      Bruce Gipple

      Horizon West Outfitters

      The call of the water has always been strong for Bruce Gipple. As a tug captain he spent 15 years navigating N.W. waters and has stayed connected to the water as a guide for the past 33 years. Bruce will tell you that his success is no accident. Thanks to the support and assistance of his partner and wife, Peggy, the Gipple's have logged decades of hosting high performance fishing trips for people all over the world. Bruce's passion for catching fish in Alaska and taking people fishing is only eclipsed by Bruce and Peggy's commitment to serving you.

      • Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

        Jimmy Martin

        Jimmy Martin's Guide Service

        Jimmy's a Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon specialist focused primarily on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and Tillamook Bay. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette River Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon. Tillamook Bay Salmon.

      •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

        Jon Huston

        Jon Huston Guide Service

        Full time fishing guide for 10 years. Coast Guard Licensed/Insured in Washington and Oregon. Here are some of the rivers where we fish: North Fork Lewis River, Cowlitz River, Kalama River, Columbia River, Sandy River and Tillamook Bay. Always happy to answer questions or provide information.


        John Childs

        Fin-Addictions Guide Service

        John is a Oregon charter/guide specializing in helping clients achieve a trip of a lifetime for Salmon,Steelhead, Tuna and Halibut


        Terry Mulkey

        Mulkey's Guide Service

        In addition to his more than 30 years as a guide, Terry's a noted seminar speaker and a favorite subject of writers focused on salmon techniques. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette Salmon and Sturgeon. North Coast Oregon and South Coast Washington Salmon and Steelhead. Tillamook and Nehalem Salmon.

      •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

        Pat Abel

        Pat Abel Guide Service

        Pat Abel has brought more than 20 years of fishing experience to the development of his guiding business. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette River Salmon and Sturgeon. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead.


        Brad Vanderzanden

        Streamside Guide Service

        More than 20 years of fishing Northwest waters has provided the basis for more than seven years of success as a professional guide. Fisheries: Columbia and Willamette River Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead.


        Tim and Shana Juarez

        T&S Guide Service

        This husband and wife team (Tim does the fishing, Shana coordinates the business) have provided exceptional service to their clients, including a fully equipped guest house, since 1989. Fisheries: Tillamook Bay Fall & Spring Salmon,Columbia and Willamette River Spring and Summer Salmon and North Coastal Rivers Salmon and Winter Steelhead.


        Jerre Munson

        Takin' Line Guide Service

        With more than five years of experience, Jerry covers a lot of ground...from above Bonneville Dam on the Columbia to coastal fisheries as far south as Depoe Bay. Fisheries: Columbia River Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon, including Wind River and Drano Lake. Cowlitz River Salmon and Steelhead. Tillamook, Siletz, and Depot Bay Salmon.


        Tyler Courtney

        TC's Guide Service

        A resident of Oregon City, Tyler guides part-time, with the ability to highlight the best fisheries, or best portions of each for his clients. Fisheries: Columbia, Willamette and Clackamas River Salmon and Steelhead. Ocean Salmon. Tillamook Bay Salmon.

      •  Fishermans Marine and Outdoor

        Brad Staples

        Western Fishing Adventures LTD.

        With over more than 30 years of professional guiding experience in Oregon and Alaska. Brad is also an International Fishing Destination consultant, representing top quality fishing lodges and outfitters worldwide. Oregon fishery: Lower Deschutes River Steelhead trips, accommodating both fly and lure anglers


        Danny Haak

        Western Fishing Adventures LTD.

        With more than 21 years of experience, Danny has an extensive repertoire of fisheries, including many opportunities for multi-day excursions. Fisheries: Kenai River Alaska Salmon. Deschutes River Summer Steelhead. Willamette River Salmon. North Santiam River Salmon and Steelhead. North Coast Salmon and Steelhead.


        John Brody

        North Coast River Guides

        John has been guiding and fishing the waters of the NW since 1974:John will get you out to where the Steelhead, Chinook or Silver Salmon are, depending on the season. You’ll enjoy a great day of fishing as he shares his expert knowledge and skill. John knows Buoy 10, the Columbia River and the Willamette River well, based on his many years of experience.


        Tom Burgess

        Bigulp Guide Service

        Tom has been guiding the Northwest waters for many years. He specializes in the Columbia River, Willamette River, Tillmook Bay and Bouy 10


        Steve Leonard

        Steve's Guided Adventures

        With over 20 years of fishing experience in Washington and Oregon and on the Columbia River, Steve's Guided Adventures can take you to the premier fishing spots and provide a great outdoor experience. Kalama River, Columbia River, Cowlitz River, Klickitat River, Sandy River, Columbia River, Tillamook Bay, John Day River, Nehalem River, Buoy 10, Salmon, the East Fork Lewis, NF Lewis, Snake River and the Washougal River, Fall Chinook, Spring Chinook, Upriver Brights, Coho & Silvers, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye


        Lee Freeman

        Triple “S” Guide Service

        Lee has been an avid fisherman his entire life, and since 1999 a full time fishing guide. Lee enjoys doing what he does and being able to provide for his wife and three daughters. Lee is US Coast Guard licensed and insured. “My goal is to provide for you with a world class trip by offering top quality gear, a clean and safe environment, and my absolute best! It has always been my top priority to get repeat and word of mouth business!” Fisheries: Columbia River, Willamette River, Sandy River,Trask River, and Nestucca River for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon.


        Andy Martin

        Wild Rivers Fishing Guide Service

        A Southern Oregon native, Andy Martin guides out of his hometown of Brookings, where he runs drift boat trips for king salmon and winter steelhead on the Chetco, Smith, Rogue, Elk and Sixes rivers. During the summer he operates an offshore charter boat for salmon, lingcod, rockfish and tuna. Andy spent 10 years guiding for halibut and salmon in Alaska before focusing full time on his homewaters in Oregon. One of Andy's customers caught the river record chinook salmon on the Chetco, a 65-pounder


        John Klar

        John Klar Guide Service

        John, being located on California’s north coast, is fortunate to have so many fishing opportunities available to him and his clients. There are a wide variety of rivers, each with its own unique character and personality… all boasting opportunities for world-class fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Striped bass.


        Silas Stardance

        Riverhawk Guide Service

        Living his entire life on the Oregon Coast, Silas Stardance brings a passion for the area that is transformed through his knowledge of Oregon's Fisheries. He studied Fisheries Science at Oregon State University, and has been a Professional Fishing Guide since 2004. He guides in South East Alaska in the summer months at Waterfall Resort. He specializes in Salmon, Steelhead, and Near Shore Rock Fish. Fisheries include The Pacific Ocean, Siletz, Nestucca, Alsea, Trask, Kilchis, Elk, Sixes, Willamette, and Columbia River


        Jerry Toman

        Jerry Toman’s Guide Service

        Jerry’s expertise and knowledge, combined with the highest quality gear, help insure you have a great time as well as a great opportunity to catch fish. Jerry, a fully licensed and insured guide for over 30 years, specializes in Salmon and Steelhead fishing in the Columbia, Willamette, and Clackamas rivers.


        Russ Morrow

        Russ Morrow's Sportfishing Guide Service

        Russ Morrow has been fishing the rivers and Bays of Northwest Oregon all of his life.  He has almost 20 years experience guiding these rivers and Bays as well as Alaska.  His home is on the Nehalem Bay, he spends fall season out there fishing for Chinook & Coho and then floats the rivers through the winter and spring.  Russ comes out to Portland later in the spring to fish Spring Chinook in the Columia & Willamette Rivers.  He uses nothing but the best equipment and takes pride in giving people a fun experience on the water.  Whether they have fish with him before or this is their first time out, they will go home with great memories.