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Outdoor Report 10/24

Fall Chinook fishing is in full swing. Kimberly and Madisen Shervey caught these beautiful bucks while fishing with Pro Staffer Silas Stardance at the coast. Fall Chinook fishing is in full swing. Kimberly and Madisen Shervey caught these beautiful bucks while fishing with Pro Staffer Silas Stardance at the coast.

With the heavy rain last week, the rivers were on the rise, and fish were on the move!  Both in the valley and all along the coast rivers jumped up dramatically and the fish started their journey into the rivers and tributaries.  With the warm dry weather this week the coastal rivers will be dropping again.  Tillamook and Nehalem Bay have both been fishing well with a nice grade of fish being caught.  Most fishermen are either trolling 360° flashers with small 3.5 size spinners or lead and a cut plug herring.  These fish move around in the bay depending on the tide so make sure you check your tide charts before planning your day on the water.

The Columbia re-opened for coho this last week and the anglers that braved the temperamental weather over the weekend were rewarded.  Fish were caught on small plugs such as wiggle warts and 3.5 Mag Lips.  Fish were caught with 360° flashers and small spinners or Brad’s Super Cut Plugs.  Fish were also caught hover fishing eggs near the mouths of tributaries that feed the Columbia.  Again, this week’s weather looks great throughout the region so the fishing should stay good for a while.

Tributary coho fishing has continued to improve with a lot of rivers seeing a very good push of fish off the last shot of rain.  There is starting to be a good mix of A run and B run coho as well as chinook in most rivers so you never know what you might hook!  Twitching jigs, spinners, plugs and eggs are all reliable techniques when it comes to targeting these feisty fish.

Sturgeon fishing has been good with anglers reporting some of the best success near the mouth of the Willamette and down river from there.  These fish are taking advantage of the lower flows and feeding heavily before the water gets colder and they become a bit more lethargic.  Squid, sandshrimp and smelt have been the top producing baits lately.

Locally trout fishing continues to be a great option.  These fish are getting quite active and are in the feeding mood.  Stocking up for winter is on their minds so a lot of the time they will attack well-presented baits and lures as if it was their last meal.  Lakes have continued to be stocked around the state, however one of the biggest plants in the Portland metro area was at Hagg Lake with 8,500 legal and trophy trout.  Trolling is a great way to target this fish as well as casting spinners.  If you are bank bound than casting spinners or spoons also works great, as well as bobber and bait or fishing bait off of the bottom.

Crabbing has stayed good and they are getting fuller by the week.  We have had reports of great crabbing from both Nehalem and Tillamook bay as well as Astoria.  Bring as many pots as you legally can, and quick limits are in your future.


Always be sure to check local regulations at ODFW and WDFW before heading out.  Find reports and two most widely used baits, information on the Fisherman's Community page.