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Outdoor Report 07/31

Camp Chef Brookies 7-19

Summer in the awesome Pacific Northwest, and what’s not to like? Sunny weather, long days and brook trout simmering on the Camp Chef Stove! Come see us and we’ll help get you outfitted for your next adventure in the great outdoors!


Salmon fishing on the Columbia River has still been a viable option as anglers have been having fun fishing for Summer Steelhead and Summer Chinook.  There are two trains of thought when it comes to fishing for them:  Some anglers like to target the fast and shallow water of the lower Columbia with spinners or plugs,  focusing on areas that create a choke point and force the fish to funnel through. Others like to anchor fish wobblers in deeper water.  Folks that are chasing Summer Steelhead tend to fish shallower areas that  create a choke point, forcing the fish to go a certain way.  Coon Stripe Shrimp, Prawns, sand shrimp, small spinners and small plugs are all great bait choices when chasing these acrobatic fish.

Catch and release Sturgeon fishing down in the estuary has been excellent with anglers finding success fishing shallow as well as a bit deeper.  If possible, fishing half the boat shallow and half the boat deeper will help you identify where the fish are on the specific day and up your catch rate.  squid, sand shrimp, herring and anchovies are all great bait options.

Bottom fishing all along the coast has still been quite good. Between Lingcod and the dozens of other species that you could encounter, the fishing can be non-stop.  Shrimp flies, rock cod rigs, vertical Jigs and large swimbaits have all been working well.

Tuna fishing has been hampered by wind, a rough ocean & long runs. With that being said, anglers have definitely had some success.  All of the recent wind and hot temps has really seemed to disperse the fish making finding the schools a bit more challenging.  But once you do the bite is on.  Trolling Tuna Clones, X-Rap Plugs, Cedar plugs and vertically jigging have been among the most productive techniques.

Surf Perch fishing has been a fun fishery for folks traveling to the coast.  These delicious fish are being caught in the surf and off of jetties.  Sand shrimp, Berkley Gulp Sandworms and clam necks are all great baits.  Target these fish on the incoming tide for your best results.

Throughout the Willamette Valley, as well as the higher mountain lakes, the Trout fishing has continued to be good.  The catch is trying to spend the bulk of your angling efforts in the early morning and late evening hours.  These fish tend to go off the bite in the hot afternoon weather.  Fishing bait off the bottom, or under a bobber, are two tried and true techniques.  Casting spinners or Kastmasters is also a very popular technique.  Casting a bubble and fly is a technique that doesn’t get utilized all that often, but can be extremely effective.

Kokanee fishing has continued to be really good option for folks, especially locally.  Merwin Lake has been kicking out some dandy  Kokanee and the amount of fish being caught is impressive.  Bright colored hoochies, small Spin-n-glos and small spinner blades have been the best bait options.  Mixing up your scent combinations can be a key component to success.

Always be sure to check local regulations at ODFW and WDFW before heading out. Find reports and two most widely used baits, information on the Fisherman's Community page.