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Pacific City 7-13-20

This crew recently fished with Fisherman’s Pro Staffer, Josh Putman, on his dory out of Pacific City, and were extremely pleased with a fine catch of Salmon and Rockfish! (Josh Putman Guide Service: 503-708-1141.)


Summer Chinook fishing has remained open on the Columbia and anglers are taking full advantage of this extended opener.  Beautiful Summer Chinook are being caught all throughout the Columbia River, however, anglers down in the lower river are specifically having success.  These fish tend to run shallower and are on a one-way mission to the upper Columbia.  Anglers typically find the best success anchor fishing with either Spinners, Wobblers, Kwikfish or Mag Lips.  

Summer Steelhead fishing opened back up on the mighty Columbia and anglers are definitely having a fun time chasing them.  These fish love to run up river on an outgoing tide so planning your day around the tide is a must.  Fishing coon stripe shrimp, prawns, small spinners, small plugs or sand shrimp all work well.  Try to fish near rocky outcroppings or pilings as these force fish around them and make a perfect place to put your bait.

Ocean Salmon fishing has been really good when the weather and ocean allows you to get across the bar.  Coho and Chinook are both being caught and anglers are reporting some really nice Coho for this early in the season.  Trolling is the name of the game and using either herring or anchovies are the two most popular options. Stagger your baits at different depths to determine where the fish are biting.

Catch and release Sturgeon fishing down in Astoria is nothing short of phenomenal this time of year.  These aggressive fish love to bite and often can be found in shallow water.  This makes for a great combo that anglers of all skill levels can enjoy.  Squid, anchovies, herring and sand shrimp are all great bait choices.

Bottom fishing has also been really good.  When the ocean has allowed anglers to get across the bar, they have found lots of nice LingCod, Rockfish and Halibut.  These fish have been caught on a wide variety of baits, but Rock Cod Rigs, shrimp flies and vertical jigs have been some of the best bets for bottom-fish. For halibut, herring and shad seem to be the go-to combo.

Tuna fishing has just started, though some of the longer-range boats have been into them for a few weeks.  These delicious and hard-fighting fish are still out near the 50-mile mark, but as the ocean warms up, look for Albacore Tuna to start getting closer to shore.  Trolling Cedar Plugs, Tuna Clones or X-raps are all great choices when covering ground.  Once you find some fish, vertically jigging iron is a killer way to get a bite going.  Live bait is always a good choice and casting swimbaits can also coax some reluctant Tuna into biting.

Inland, Kokanee fishing has been great and many anglers are starting to figure out just how easy it can be to catch these delicious landlocked Sockeye.  Trolling bright hoochies, small Spin-n-Glos, small spinner blades or even Wedding Rings will all entice bites.  Shoepeg corn is a must have bait and experimenting with different bait scents can really get a biting frenzy going.

Trout fishing continues to be a great fishery all around the state.  Anglers are finding success using many different techniques. Fishing early morning and late evening are the two best times of the day to be fishing, especially on warmer days.

Walleye fishing in the Columbia River has been consistent with anglers finding success throughout the river system.  This time of year many anglers focus their efforts on Salmon, leaving the Walleye very willing to bite as the angling pressure relaxes.  Trolling bottom walkers with worm harness rigs and nightcrawlers has been the most productive technique.

Always be sure to check local regulations at ODFW and WDFW before heading out. Find reports and two most widely used baits, information on the Fisherman's Community page.Service: 503-708-1141.)