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Crappie On Mag Lip

Below is a text friend Mitch Sanchotena sent me:

Huge catch of crappy & perch by Mitch Sanchotena

You don’t have to have any reservations about whether Mag Lip will catch Crappie. There are hi 88 crappie and 9 perch in this cooler. The Mag Lip in the photo is the 2.5 gold and orange. I fished it alongside a Shad Rap and it produced fish for fish if not better.

I have caught Smallmouth Bass, huge rainbows (up to 22”) perch, crappie, land locked chinook up 18”, and a few Pike Minnow.
If I had to have one go to lure this would be it.
Idaho angler,
Mitch Sanchotena