Muskie Madness

Don Newman with his first Tiger Muskie Don Newman with his first Tiger Muskie

When targeting Tiger Muskie try using 5" to 7" softswimbaits, size 5 or 6 bucktail spinners like the Blue Fox Musky Buck or Mepp's Musky Killer, glide baits similar to the Spro BBZ or jointed crankbaits like the Savage Gear gear 4Play. Vary your retrieve speed until you find out what speed and lure action will trigger fish to bite. For rods I like 7’ to 8’ Five power bass rods or light back bouncing type rods, with high quality low-profile bait casting reels loaded with 50# braid. Your leader must be tooth proof to avoid being bitten through by the "deadly sharp" teeth that Muskie have. I prefer to use 100 lb fluorocarbon leader in a 10" lengths; I make these myself with AFW brass crimpsOwner solid rings and Pline crosslock snapsBerkley wire leaders can also be used, if you would like a pre-tied leader.

Good luck, I hope some of you get out and enjoy this challenging fishery as much as I have.

Jun 30, 2016 | by Kelly Reichner