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  • Outdoor Report 7/20

    fishermans, fisherman's marine and outdoor Fisherman's crew Marissa, Amber and Emile--some of the coolest people you could hope to meet--getting it done on the Deschutes River this past Monday!

    Summer steelhead are being caught in decent numbers on the Columbia River, as well as summer chinook.  Just last week, in the lower river, a few more summer steelhead showed up in the catch rate. Folks plunking from the bank or boats that were anchored relatively shallow, found some keeper steelhead.  Most reports were of people catching fish on coon-stripe shrimp with Spin-n-Glos.  Although, as you transitioned up the river, getting closer to Bonneville, it seemed like small spinners and small orange plugs started to level out the playing field.  We had reports of success with small 2.5 - 3.5 Mag Lips, u-20 Flatfish, k-11's and some people, fishing really shallow, caught fish on hot orange Wiggle Warts.  Those targeting summer chinook haven't been doing to shabby either.  We have had steady reports of fresh fish entering the river daily with some of the best bites being at the beginning and end of the outgoing tide.  Kwikfish, Mag Lips, flatfish and spinners have been taking most of the catch. However, a few persistent anglers have been doing well fishing wobblers. The chinook fishery will only continue to get better as we head into August, which is when the masses head to Astoria.  It will be the right time to cash in on some of the best chinook and coho fishing the west coast has to offer.  The Buoy 10 fishery opens on the 1st of August. With reports of decent numbers of chinook in the ocean already, this year should be another very productive year down there.

    Small mouth and Walleye are still biting very well in the gorge.  Soft plastics as well as searching type baits, such as lipless crankbaits, have been what most folks are catching the bass with.  Those fishing for Walleye have been finding the most success with trolling a worm harness.

    Kokanee and trout fishing have remained consistent fisheries this year.  Check your local stocking schedules and you should be able to find loads of willing trout, especially from the lakes that have been stocked most recently.  Power bait or worms plunked on the bottom will be your best bet this time of year.

    Always check local regulations before heading out, good luck and be safe!

    Jul 21, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 7/13

    fishermans, fisherman's marine and outdoor Eggs did the trick on this tributary Chinook.

    With the recent re-opening of the Columbia for fin-clipped chinook retention, there have been good reports flying in.  Fishermen from the lower river as well as the upper stretches have been doing quite well.  Those that are fishing from the bank have been catching both steelhead and chinook, on spin-n-glows and coon-stripe shrimp, small spinners, small plugs and even just straight spin-n-glows.  As the summer progresses, the Columbia will continue to drop in height so make sure you are adjusting your depths accordingly.  As for the boat fishermen Kwikfish, Mag Lips, wobblers and spinners have all been working equally well, on anchor.  The folks targeting steelhead are typically running coon-stripe shrimp, small plugs or small spinners.  You can catch both salmon and steelhead in the same slots, most of the time.  So, it pays to have rods rigged to target salmon and to target steelhead.

    Smallmouth fishing has remained consistent up and down the Columbia and Willamette.  We have had reports of fish still being caught shallow on tubes and worms.  Early in the morning you can sometimes find fish willing to bite topwater plugs, especially in shallow coves.

    Reports coming in from Del Stephens this week, indicate that Albacore fishing is starting to pick up. If you are looking for some good info on how to make your Albacore trips more successful, go to the Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor Facebook page and replay the Facebook live recording of John Child's Tuna Seminar from earlier this week.

    Kokanee fishing has also been good lately.  Of course, most fishermen are trolling for them.  Although, with the recent hot weather the lakes and reservoirs are starting to gradually warm up and the jigging bite has started to take off.  Swing by any of our locations and our staff will be more than willing to show you how to rig up for jigging.

    Locally trout fishing has remained consistent as well.  With the days being warm, sometimes it pays off to get up early and be on the water first thing in the morning.  That way when the heat of the day hits and the bite slows some, you will already have a few trout in the cooler.  Bait will be your best early morning producer especially from the bank.  However, if you are in a boat, trolling small flat fish can be extremely effective at times.

    Before you head out, be sure to check local regulations.

    Good luck, have fun and most of all, be safe!

    Jul 14, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 7/6

    fishermans, fisherman's Marine and Outdoor While a lot of attention this time of year is toward Summer Chinook in the Columbia. Tributary Summer Steelhead can be an awesome change of pace.

    The Columbia reopens Friday 7/7 with strong numbers of Summer Chinook to catch through July 31st.

    For the time that the Columbia was closed for chinook retention, the angler effort was quite a bit lighter, but that doesn't mean the fishing wasn't good.  We have gotten great reports from people fishing from below Longview, all the way to Bonneville Dam.  Folks have been doing quite well catching summer run steelhead and sockeye as well.  Coon-stripe shrimp have been the best bet with Mag Lips and U-20's also taking fish.  The folks that are plunking from the bank have been running shrimp with small Spin-n-Glos when targeting summer steelhead.  Most of the fish have been in 8-20 feet of water.  As the water drops and warms up the summers will venture out a little deeper, but not much.  Find a good 20' flat that climbs out of some deep water and you are in business.  The same goes for guys fishing out of the boat.  Find yourself a nice flat or shelf that comes out of some deep water and the steelhead will be waiting!  You can fish either a diver and bait or fish lead with a bait.  The same goes for fishing small plugs or small spinners.  You can fish them flat lined or with lead.  A lot of what makes you choose one over the other is the water depth you are targeting the fish in.  The shallower you get, the easier it will be to use a diver and get away from fishing heavier lead.

    There are still shad to be caught, however the run is starting to tail off.  Again, small bright colored jig heads and small spinners or wobblers will be your best option.

     Sturgeon fishing has still been amazing down in the estuary.  Lots of nice quality fish to be caught.  Although it is a catch and release only fishery, right now, it is still an awesome way to go spend a day reeling in fish after fish.

     The ocean, when fishable, has been starting to produce impressive numbers of chinook and bottom fish lately.  A few coho are starting to show up, but it is still going to be a chinook dominant fishery for a few more weeks.  Herring, anchovies or hoochies have all been producing fish.  Even mixing in a Brad’s Cut Plug or Super Bait wouldn't be a bad idea.  The bottom fishing has also been off the charts.  Sea bass by the bucket full and angry lingcod have been the norm.  Also, those that are putting down crab pots for crab have been reaping the benefits.

    Before heading out, always check the local regulations. Have a great time and as always, be safe.

    Jul 07, 2017 | by Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 6/29

    fishermans marine, Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor Tigard FMO employee Amy with a nice Ling!

    With the Columbia River being closed for Chinook retention next week, the focus will turn to the Willamette, which is still kicking out amazing numbers of Springers from the mouth of the channel and mouth of the river up to Oregon City. The Columbia remains open for Summer Steelhead and Sockeye salmon retention.

    Anglers that are fishing from a boat have been finding much of their success on anchor, while fishing plugs, spinners and Spin-n-Glos with coon shrimp. For those that are bank bound, fishing coon stripe shrimp and a Spin-n-Glo has been one of the most productive techniques. Most folks have been targeting these little guys in slightly shallower water, ranging anywhere from 4-18 feet of water.  Again, the Columbia is still higher than average and so trying to find spots that funnel the fish or a slow water seam will be your best option.

    Good Reports are coming in from those spending time locating Chinook in the ocean. If the Salmon aren’t biting, some anglers are finding great bottom fishing for Sea Bass and Ling Cod.

    Shad are still around and biting like mad!  Lots of fisherman have still been fishing for them in the Oregon City area and are having great success.  Either on anchor or backtrolling, a lot of the fisherman are using Dick Nite spoons or small colorful lead head jigs.  Do not be surprised if you accidentally hook a spring chinook.  That has been a common theme this year.  The Columbia is also having a banner shad year.  The water is much higher and faster on the Columbia but folks that are targeting shad have been having great success in slower water seams.

    Smallmouth fishing has been great the last few weeks on the Columbia and Willamette.  Small tubes or Senkos have been one of the best producing lures as the fish are up shallow, getting ready to spawn.  Also, when we have cool, overcast mornings, trying topwater baits in shallow coves is a super fun way to target smallmouth.

    Walleye fishing has been great this year as well. Fishermen have been having great success trolling worm harnesses with night crawlers. Some anglers have also been doing well with  jigs.

    Kokanee fishing has been great locally.  There has been reports of people catching Kokanee on a multitude of techniques and lures.  However, the new Kokanee Cutplug from Brad’s has been on fire lately.  Lots of people have also been building their own lures for Kokanee.  Using hoochies, beads, blades and small hooks you can come up with some pretty cool concoctions.  Ask any of our tackle staff and they will help you find the components necessary for making Kokanee lures.

    Fisherman's wishes you a happy 4th of July. Before you head out, check your local regulations, have fun and, most of all, be safe.


    Jun 29, 2017 | by Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 6/22

    The Columbia kicked out a number of Chinook, Sockeye and Steelhead for our employees plunking on opening day. The Columbia kicked out a number of Chinook, Sockeye and Steelhead for our employees plunking on opening day.

    The Columbia River opened for salmon and steelhead over the weekend. It didn't surprise many people that there were quite a few fish around. We had great reports from the guys fishing for steelhead and sockeye down below Longview, as well as reports from guys fishing chinook up towards Bonneville.

    In the lower Columbia River, a lot of people were having great success either anchoring or plunking with coon-stripe shrimp and spin-n-glo's®. A lot of the fish were caught in the 10-20 foot water range. If you could find a soft current seam, you were in business. Shrimp worked well throughout the river. However, the closer you got to Bonneville more guys were using Kwikfish or spinners. We had several reports of large June hogs, in the 35lb+ range, that were caught. A lot of the big fish seemed to be caught on Kwikfish®. Remember, trying to find a soft seam or current break can be super beneficial with all the high water we are still dealing with.

    The Willamette is still kicking out springers for those that are willing to put in the time. Trolling in the harbor with flasher and herring or prawns has still been effective. The farther up the river you get, towards Oregon City, the egg and sand shrimp show is still going on. As well as a few more fish being caught in prawns. With the water warming up, prawns and hardware start to yield better results.

    This weekend (June 24th) is the opening for the Ocean Salmon seasons. Please refer to the ODFW website for zone and regulations.

    Sturgeon fishing continues to be awesome through the Columbia and Willamette. Although, the sturgeon fishery is closed to retention, for now. Sturgeon can provide constant action and is a super fun way to get the family out on the boat for an afternoon. Squid, herring and sandshrimp have been the best baits as of late.

    Shad fishing remains good; with Bonneville seeing crazy numbers starting to go over the dam. Small colorful jig heads, grubs and small spoons all round out the go-to arsenal when targeting these little guys. These are another awesome option when wanting to get the family out on the water and enjoying the outdoors.

    Trout and Kokanee are still on the bite, make sure to check your local stocking reports before you head out. That way you give yourself the best opportunity.

    Check current regulations at ODFW and WDFW before heading into the field.

    Good luck and most of all be safe out there!

    Jun 23, 2017 | by Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 6/15

    fisherman's, Fishermans Dave Billhimer caught this impressive Spring Chinook on the Oregon Coast while fishing with Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor Pro Staffer, Chris Vertopoulos.

    With all of this year’s low level snow and rain fall, it has kept the Willamette’s temperature down and the springers biting.  We had some very promising reports from the Multnomah channel this week.  Folks still catching brand new spring chinook that are making their way up the channel.  Herring and flashers were still the go-to, although we also had reports of fish being caught on prawns.  The Columbia opens this Friday June 16th for hatchery chinook and hatchery steelhead.  The flows are still very high on the Columbia so please be mindful of where you are anchoring and always be vigilant of debris coming down river.  The water is so high debris can be pulled off shore that normally wouldn't see the water.  However, the high water can be used to your advantage when anchoring.  Picking a spot with a cut-off or choke point where fish must get filtered through a certain slot, can really pay off.  A lot of people will be fishing Kwikfish, Mag Lips, or Flatfish, but this is the time of year where the plunking crowd puts a hurting on the fish.  Running wobblers from the bank is a very popular technique because you can fish three at a time, there for increasing your odds.  Simon, Alvin, and Brad’s are all great to have on hand. Some days the fish will key in on a certain brand, depending a lot on current and the tide.  Another technique folks will be implanting on the Columbia is a coon-stripe shrimp and Spin-n-Glo.  When fished on anchor in a productive slot, chinook, steelhead and sockeye will all have a hard time resisting.

    Tillamook spring chinook fishing has been fairly consistent.  Those that are willing to put their time in are being rewarded with some of the hardest fighting springers around.  Herring has been the most consistent producer in the majority of the bay, however in the upper bay, spinner fishing can be lights out at times.  So always come prepared.  Also, when the weather and ocean cooperates, people are getting out bottom fishing and doing extremely well.  A lot of folks have been catching rockfish as fast as you can get your gear down and most are also reporting lots of nice ling cod.

    Walleye fishing has stayed consistent, even with the higher water flows.  Especially up the Columbia gorge.  Trolling bottom walkers and worm harnesses have been taking much of the fish while a few guys are doing well jigging.

    Kokanee fishing has been staying strong in most local lakes.  Trolling has again been the most popular technique this year.  Once the water warms up a little more and the fish get deeper, the jigging bite should take off.

    Locally trout lakes are getting stocked on a regular basis, so check the local stocking report and head on down to your favorite lake.  Plunking Powerbait or night crawlers is a great stand by technique.  Although, especially in the early morning, trout can be up shallow and bobber fishing a night crawler or single salmon egg can be deadly.  Also, casting spinners on shallow flats in the early morning can be super productive.

    Be sure to check local regulations. Good luck and be safe out there.

    Jun 15, 2017 | by Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 6/8

    Big smiles when you catch one of the delicious Spring Chinook Big smiles when you catch one of the delicious Spring Chinook

    Starting Thursday June 8th , the Willamette River reopens to Spring Chinook fishing 7 days a week and the limit is being raised back to two-hatchery Spring Chinook per angler per day. Also, don’t forget that the two rods per angler endorsement is good for the Willamette as well. For more information visit ODFW’s website by clicking here

    June 16th Summer Chinook and Summer Steelhead angling opens on the Columbia River; upriver from the Astoria-Megler Bridge. With a two-hatchery salmon limit per day.

    Spring Chinook are still on the bite locally and at the coast.  The Willamette is still pumping out springers which is a nice change from years past.  Typically, the Willamette starts to get very warm by now and it makes for tough conditions to get finicky springers to bite.  However, this year with all the rain and low level snow melt, the local rivers are staying cooler than normal.  This is going to allow for certain fisheries, like Spring Chinook, to last longer than normal.  Although, the whole river has still been producing fish.  We had reports of fish being caught throughout the harbor this week as well as Oregon City.  We heard Oregon City has had a few good prawn bites lately. Stop by Fisherman’s and grab a pack or two of prawns before you head out next, but eggs and shrimp are still the most popular method.  The vertical jigging technique is gaining popularity, especially as the water gets warmer.  Stop on by any of our three locations and our tackle employees will hook you up on what jigs to pick up.

    Drano Lake and the Wind River fisheries are still kicking out fish as well.  Herring, prawns, Superbaits and anchovies are all great options to troll.  The 360° flasher craze has started to take over up there as well.  Folks trolling either Shortbus Super Series or Pro Troll 360° flashers have been having great success while in combination with prawns or small 3.5 size spinners.

    Bottom fishing has been excellent along the Oregon and Washington coast line.  When the seas have permitted, folks have been catching loads of sea bass as well as plenty of good sized Lingcod and Cabezon.  Always remember to diligently check the ocean conditions before you head out.

    Shad fishing has been very good so far this year.  All the high water hasn't seemed to bother the shad one bit.  They are biting the usual suspects. Small vibrant colored jig heads and small colorful grubs and spoons, like Dick-Nites or Baby Simons.  The anchor fishermen have been doing just as well as the folks backtrolling.

    Smallmouth and walleye are still snapping well.  These green fish are great options for when we have restrictions on our salmon and steelhead.  Trolling or jigging have been the most popular techniques for walleye. For bass, guys have been pitching a multitude of baits.  Lipless crankbaits, tubes, jigs and even topwater have all been taking smallmouth lately.

    Lots of good fishing opportunities right now. Be sure to check local regulations. Have fun out there and most of all, be safe!

    Jun 08, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 6/1

    fishermans, fisherman's FMO Pro Staff Guide, Chris Vertopoulos, hoists an estuary Sturgeon

    Outdoor Report 6/1

    With the water temps staying cooler than average, for this time of year, the spring chinook fishing continues to stay consistent.  On the Willamette the fishing has been good down in the harbor the last few weeks.  Folks trolling herring and flashers are still having great success while some people have also switched over to 360 flashers, like the Shortbus Super Series or Pro-Troll.  With these flashers they have been fishing either prawn spinners, Superbaits, Brad’s Cutplugs or smaller size 3.5 spinners.  As the water does warm up over the next few weeks, look for this technique to become more popular as it works well in warmer water.

    Drano Lake and the Wind River fisheries are both still holding out.  As damn counts still show fishing moving through the Columbia, these two fisheries will both still kick out fish.  Both of these fisheries will have you bringing everything but the kitchen sink at times.  You will see people trolling Wiggle Warts, Mag Lips, prawn spinners, herring, anchovies, flasher and herring, 360 flashers and spinners etc.  So sometimes changing it up can really make all the difference over there.  In Drano Lake, the later it gets the more of an egg and bobber fishery it becomes.  Make sure you have eggs, shrimp, tuna belly, chunks of herring or sardines as well as plenty of different scents.  These fish can key in on any different number of scents, so again, bring plenty of options.

    Reports from this last weekend are that the shad are here!  The Willamette and Columbia seemed to have a huge push of shad last week.  When targeting shad, small is the key.  Small colorful jig heads, small colorful grubs or small spoons, like Dick-Nites or baby Simons.  You can catch these little guys with either divers, or lead and they can also be great sport for anglers that are bank bound.  Swing by any one of our tackle departments and our staff will be more than happy to get you rigged up to go catch some shad!

    Bass fishing and walleye fishing in the Columbia is getting better by the day.  When we have restrictions on our salmon seasons in the spring, these fish are great options to go target.  Especially walleye for their table fair.

    Trolling and jigging are your two number one techniques for these guys.  Smallmouth are great for sport however.  Early in the season the smallmouth move up shallow and are extremely aggressive.  Once you find them you will have consistent action.

    Trout and Kokanee are still snapping in the majority of the local lakes as the water temps still haven't climbed out of control.  Trolling has still been the most consistent producer but jigging will soon catch up as the water warms up.

    Reported yesterday there is going to be a Columbia River Sturgeon retention season. Here are the details:


    Starting June 5th through June 17th 2017 below Wauna powerlines. Open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Retention is allowed through 2pm only. No retention nor catch and release will be allowed after 2pm on retention days.

    SLOT LIMIT is 44"-50" fork length with a daily limit of 1 per person, and a season limit of 2. Retention of Green Sturgeon is prohibited. Go get em'!!

    Also this weekend is another Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon. Please check the details here

    Be sure to check local regulations and most of all be safe!

    Jun 01, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 5/25

    Fishermans, fisherman's Our Oregon City Store manager , Robert Campbell, shows off a great Rainbow Trout caught in a Cascade Lake recently


    The Spring Chinook fishing is still showing signs of life as the Columbia and Willamette finally started to drop this week.  Last week the Columbia came up again and put some fish off of the bite in the Willamette as the water cooled off and colored up again.  Even with that happening there were still plenty of fish caught.  Oregon City was a little tougher as the water slowed down some and got a little murky.  Although, those that put their time in caught fish on divers and eggs or backbouncing eggs.  The farther down the river you went it actually sounded like the fishing got better.  We had solid reports of quite a few fish caught both in the harbor and in the channel.  Herring was by far the top producing bait although prawns and smaller size spinners took fish as well.

    Drano Lake and the Wind River Fisheries are still kicking out good numbers of fish.  The counts at Bonneville Dam are improving daily and the fishing is staying consistent.  Herring, prawn spinnerssmall trolling spinners and Superbaits are all very productive baits to use.  Also, trolling Mag Lips is another great technique to try up there.  People catch fish on virtually all the different sizes of Mag Lips in those two fisheries.   As the water starts to get warm in Drano Lake there will be more fishermen switching to bobber fishing eggs.  So, when you’re trolling be on the look out for the bobber fisherman, especially if you turn and head up the old creek channel going towards the hatchery.

    Spring Chinook fishing is picking up at the coast, and with the warming air and water temps the walleye fishing has really picked up in the Columbia Gorge.  These tasty little fish can be quite aggressive when you find them schooled up.  Most folks troll worm harnesses for them and do very well, however there are days when they can be stubborn, and that’s when jigging for them can be especially effective. Also, shad are being caught in good numbers from the Willamette River at Oregon City, and action should soon heat up on the Columbia as well, as these huge runs of fish continue to build. Fish on!”

    Trout and Kokanee are still on the bite, and again, as the snow level continues to drop, more and more lakes will become accessible and the fish will be snapping.  Especially since they more than likely haven't seen a bait since last fall.

    This weekend has some minus tides and although Razor Clamming is closed in both states, Bay Clams are available. With the nice weather forecast, this might be a good weekend to head out to a Bay with clam and crab gear. You might also want to take advantage of the low tides for Surf Perch.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, be sure to check local regulations and most of all, be safe out there.



    May 26, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report
  • Outdoor Report 5/18

    fishermans, fisherman's FMO Tigard Employee, Connor Taplin and guest with a nice Springer caught during a good afternoon bite in the Port on Thursday.

    The Willamette closure happened for the first time last week, leaving it open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That didn't mean the fishing wasn't great!  The chinook fishing on the three day opener was the best that we have seen so far this year.  Oregon City had a great egg bite going on for most of the three days.  It sounded like most of the fish were caught using Jumbo Jet divers and eggs in addition to some folks backbouncing.  The harbor had people catching fish on herring behind a flasher as well as spinners behind flashers.  We had reports of people catching those harbor fish suspended in the water column. This is a great fishery to have a line counter reel so that you can have your whole boat fishing at exactly a certain depth.  This weekend it sounded like most of those fish were caught from between 20-35 feet on the line counter.  Be patient in those suspended fish bites.  Sometimes they take a little while to commit to the bait; so waiting is a must.  The channel had great reports of fresh fish still pushing through the system.  Again, that is a herring and flasher fishery, with some folks occasionally using prawns.  The channel can be a much snagged fishery. However, when the Columbia gets high and backs up the channel water, like it is right now, the channel can be a great place to be as the fish will take their time getting through it.

    Drano Lake and the Wind River bubble fishery were both fishing very well last week.  We had great reports from both fisheries, with Drano Lake being the better of the two.  In these fisheries people used a wide variety of techniques and baits, ranging from your traditional herring and flasher to guys anchoring up and bobber fishing eggs.  It sounded like prawns and herring were the most productive baits. As soon as the water warms up a few more degrees though, you will see a lot more of those fish taken with a 360 flasher and either a Brads Cut-Plug or Brads Superbait.  Pack either of those two baits with Tuna, herring, anchovy or prawn and you will be in the game.

    Smallmouth fishing had started to really pick up on the Columbia and Willamette, last week.  Reports were that as the water was slowly warming up, the bass became much more active and started to move in shallow to spawn.  These fish are extremely aggressive this time of year; sometimes a searching bait to locate a pile of them, is a great idea.  Lipless crankbaits and tubebaits are great to try and search for spawning smallmouth.

    Kokanee fishing continues to be a very consistent fishery this year.  With the lake waters still running colder than normal, the Kokanee haven't moved to deeper water yet.  Typically it becomes more of a downrigger show this time of year, when the water temps start rising.   Since it has remained colder than normal, the Kokanee have stayed near the surface. People are still able to target them without having to use too much lead.

    Trout are still snapping as well.  This time of year the department of fish and wildlife are planting lakes constantly.  With a quick check of their website’s stocking schedule, you will have a good idea of what lakes have been stocked most recently.

    Make sure you check the local regulations before you head out.

    Good luck and stay safe!

    May 19, 2017 | by FMO STAFF, Weekly FMO report